How it works


We are developing our own platform now, so you can trade your NFTs. on only. To trade your NFTs on, you need to connect your wallet on first.

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There are countless sneakers resell platforms all around world, saying that they can help customers trade sneakers just like trading stocks. However, the fact is that their commission rates range up to 10% and it takes 5 days normally.

We offer custody service of collectable sneakers and provide NFTs instead for customers(you) to conveniently trade sneakers in a fleeting moment with minimum fees.

Every NFTs on SneakerZ collection is minted based on physical sneakers. It means we physically store all sneakers on our warehouse. You can get NFTs only from buying it on or receive it from us after you sent your physical sneakers to us.


Any NFTs marked as redeemable NFT can be redeemed. You can ask us any time after noted date to receive physical goods. The process will be as follows.


All physical goods those are underlying redeemable NFTs are authentic. We verify all physical goods before minting redeemable NFTs and guarantee those authentications. If any physical goods turned to be not-authentic, we guarantee to reimburse 3-times from its value.